How To Get Back Into Blogging After a Break

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It's been a pretty rough period of time for my blog. In the last few months I've made only a few non-video related posts. So now that I'm married, moved in, and finding myself self-employed for the first time in years, I have the time for my blog again. It's just...tough getting started again. Here are a few things that I'm going to try to get back into the game.

Read Your Favorite Blogs This is the first thing I did. Not having time to blog also meant I did not have time to read blogs either. There's a lot to catch up on. I also find that reading my favorites blogs always inspires me. It will help you come up with ideas, see if there's anything new in the blogosphere, and get your passion back. Before you know it, you'll have to start blogging again.

Establish a New Routine I don't know about you but if I don't have a set time and plan for blogging, it tends to happen at some pretty odd times. My new schedule is every Monday morning I'll plan out the next week of blogging. I don't blog every day but I try and blog between 5 to 3 times a week. I try and get all posts outlined and make sure to have Tuesday's written and ready to go. (I make sure that on Friday, Monday's is ready to go or at least outlined.) This is my plan, I'm in the process of putting it into practice, and that's what you have to do. Trial and error. See what works for you but a routine can help keep things moving.

Set Some Goals These can be anything. Viewership numbers, post count, a new weekly series, anything. The idea behind having goals is to help your blog progress in the way you want it to. One thing I try to avoid is obsessing over numbers. It's hard, since I work with analytics in my day job, but even if it's a slow climb small victories are still victories. Make sure that you don't compromise the realness of your blog to reach your goals, stay true to who you are and you'll find people who want to read about your passions.

Above all make sure you really do want to get back to blogging in the first place. If it's still hard to get back into it, maybe it's time for a different hobby. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you just need a little push, I hope I've helped. Happy blogging!

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