Changing Your Name? | The Geeky Bride

Less than four weeks, I can't believe it. I'm sure you've noticed that the closer my wedding date gets the less I blog. That's to be expected but oh the wonderful things I'll have to share with you come June. There's my engagement photos, another bridal shower, my bachelorette party, then the actual wedding photos, of course. It's all very exciting and despite the fact that I do not have time I'm still managing to upload every Wednesday. So here's the latest in my bridal series, where I talk about changing your name, what's 'required' for a wedding, and more!

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Grand Californian Hotel Room Tour - Disneyland

I've got a short video for you this Wednesday. It's a hotel room tour from when Jim and I stayed at the Grand Californian at Disneyland. It was a really fun trip and I'm so glad we decided to do it. Enjoy the video and let me know what type of videos of mine are your favorite!

An Excellent Time at the Renaissance Fair

RenFair April 2015 Last weekend I went to the Renaissance Fair with some friends. It was time travelers weekend and I don't own a suit (or a bow tie) so I went as Ted Theodore Logan from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. (My friend Vince went as Bill.) We had a lot of fun taking photos with other fellow time travelers and a few just 'favorite characters' as well. Enjoy the photos!

Bill and Ted! (Bill from the sequel and Ted from the first film.) RenFair April 2015

The other time travelers we met! Can you name them all? RenFair April 2015 RenFair April 2015 RenFair April 2015 RenFair April 2015

There was also Gandalf and I had to take photos with them. RenFair April 2015 RenFair April 2015

Remember, be excellent to each other and party on dudes!

It's My Birthday!

Whooo! Happy birthday to me! Like my birthday selfie? Today I'm 29, the last year of my 20s and I feel great! I shot a quick vlog for my second channel, check it out below. Tonight I'm seeing Newsies at the Pantages, tomorrow I'm going to the RenFair, eating dinner at my favorite restaurant, and singing show tunes karaoke with my friends, and Sunday I'm having brunch then going to the Festival of Books. It's gonna be a great weekend!

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt & Bulk Filming

Booktube! Oh how I love booktube. This video is part of three booktube videos I shot all at once last month. (The first is here and the third is coming soon!) This is a trend on my channel for the rest of this month and next month, bulk filming and then spacing out the uploads. It's the only way I'll be able to have a new video each week during this very busy time. The only series that I have to film one at a time is The Geeky Bride, since I reply to comments in each new episode.

Bulk filming is really convenient, and the amount of footage I have waiting to be edited keeps adding up and that's comforting but also stressful at the same time. I keep getting ideas for new videos and some of the footage I have are from...October...but they'll all get edited eventually. It's been an interesting process. I hope you enjoy this week's video and stick around to watch more.

Themed Weddings | The Geeky Bride

Themed weddings, oh how I love them, the geekier the better. However, I don't know if you could call my wedding geeky... Check out my video above and be sure to comment with your tips and questions!
The Geeky Bride Episode One
The Geeky Bride Episode Two

Brea Bridal Shower

Brea Bridal Shower
I had my first Bridal Shower last month! It was on March 28th at my parent's house in Brea. My sister and cousin threw it for me and invited the women from my family and some of my friends. The theme was of my favorite movie, Labyrinth, and boy did they get into it! Let me take you through the place.

There was this handmade sign in the front yard when you got there. Brea Bridal Shower

Then they had bent a branch over the back walkway and there were little nods to the film everywhere. Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower

My cousin Dianna, proud of her decorating skills. Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower

The bridal shower games my sister planned were really amazing, she put a lot of thought into them. Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower Brea Bridal Shower

The aunts! Brea Bridal Shower

I had an amazing time, thanks to every one who came and everyone who pitched in to make it a great day!
Oh, one more photo...

Probably with my favorite gift of the day, thanks mom! Brea Bridal Shower

Freestyle Lady Cats

Freestyle Lady Cats Back in October of 2012, my friend Whitney and I decided to live stream together and do Cat makeup. I'm not sure if it was BlogTV or Vokle but I remember we did stream. I did both our makeup as two freestyle lady cats and we had a blast. The inspiration for Whitney's design was Victoria and the inspiration for my design was Demeter. I'm so happy I finally found these photos!
Freestyle Lady Cats Freestyle Lady Cats Freestyle Lady Cats Freestyle Lady Cats Freestyle Lady Cats Freestyle Lady Cats

Disneybound Meetup (& Easter Bunnies!)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Disneybound meetup at Disneyland. It was also the first day of their Spring Roundup so I got to see a bunch of the bunny characters out. I hope you enjoy this short video because it's April now and April means it's almost Easter and Easter means it's almost my birthday and my birthday is great. ;)