4 Cosplay Tips to Past Me

So I have been cosplaying since 1999 and I have learned a lot since then. These days I consider myself a casual cosplayer, mostly creating a few new costumes every Halloween and perhaps a few more if the occasion arises. Here are four cosplaying tips I wish I knew back when I started cosplaying.

You'll get better - Trust me. Your first cosplay will be rough. You're only going to stay terrible if you give up. With each costume, you'll learn things and get better.
My first ever cosplay and one of my best.

Buying things is okay - I used to be really obsessed with making everything in my costume. Just so when someone complimented me, I could say, "I made it myself." *cue smug grin* Now I'm less concerned with that, the point is to dress up and have fun, being a skilled seamstress is not a requirement at all for being a cosplayer.
Everything in 2013's Halloween costume was bought not made.

Wigs! - Wigs are great. They may be hot at times and a little uncomfortable if worn all day, but they look so much better than spray on hair color. So much better...


Do what you love - This is actually the one tip here I've always followed. It does not matter if your character of choice is unpopular, if people tell you they're weird, or if no one gets it. What matters is that you love the character. I've experienced so many times where no one knows who I'm dressed up as or flat out hated whatever I chose. You can't let that stuff get to you, your choice is awesome because it's your choice. So go be that random Pokemon or that Jellicle cat!

Can you guess who this character is?

Thank you for reading! If you're an experienced cosplayer let me know what you've learned. If you're new to the hobby, what is your favorite part about it so far?