This Year I...

Last year I made my first "This year I..." post (the year before I called it A Year in Photos) So to keep the tradition alive, and since 2014 is just about done, here we go:

This year I... 

went to Japan. IMG_0994

got engaged!

bonded with my cousin over both being engaged at the same time. IMG_5533

Jim took me to see CATS for my birthday!

dressed straight out of the 20s for Dianna's bachelorette party. IMG_5751

attended three weddings. 1 out of state. (Oregon) 1 // 2 // 3
IMG_5401 IMG_5442 IMG_5785 IMG_5799

went to VidCon for the 4th time.

had mine and Jim's engagement party!

released a new product every month in my Etsy shop.

took a lot of outfit photos.
CATS Sweater

ended the year spending Christmas with my family.

did one more thing I will only hint at for now. I filmed myself every month answering the same questions. What I'll end up doing with that footage is yet to be determined.

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