2014 in Review (video)

I find those first few moments when you start recording vulnerable and interesting, so I compiled them together from this past year as my recap video. Thanks for watching my videos in 2014 and thanks for subscribing, it's meant a lot.

A Year In Review - 2014

Since I've already shared with you what I did this year, now it's time to look back on what happened on this blog. So here are my favorite posts from 2014.

The most popular post this year was when I announced my engagement to Jim!

promised to doodle more this year and I did! (The project resulting in that will make it's online debut in 2015!)

I showed off my Kyoto 
engagement ring before I had decided about a diamond one or not.

I really love the photos I took at Wes and Caitlin's Oregon wedding.

It's nice to see that some of my wishes have started to come true.

I shared lots of photos from every day of my Japan trip and made two videos.
Day: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11
Videos: Japan in Winter // Vlogging in Japan

I showed off my calla lilly vintage heirloom diamond engagement ring.

I enjoyed defending selfies.

It always makes me happy to look at my little photo collection of the Disneyland castles I've visited.

I love the photos Jim's cousin Jennifer took at our engagement party!

I sort of kind of went to Comic Con again and took lots of photos with awesome cosplayers.

I took a ton of photos at my cousin Dianna's wedding.

Nerd Burger (Cazz) and I did a blogger/youtuber box swap. (I got tons of neat stuff.)

For the past few years I've been doing these yearly blog review posts. See 2012 // 2013.

This Year I...

Last year I made my first "This year I..." post (the year before I called it A Year in Photos) So to keep the tradition alive, and since 2014 is just about done, here we go:

This year I... 

went to Japan. IMG_0994

got engaged!

bonded with my cousin over both being engaged at the same time. IMG_5533

Jim took me to see CATS for my birthday!

dressed straight out of the 20s for Dianna's bachelorette party. IMG_5751

attended three weddings. 1 out of state. (Oregon) 1 // 2 // 3
IMG_5401 IMG_5442 IMG_5785 IMG_5799

went to VidCon for the 4th time.

had mine and Jim's engagement party!

released a new product every month in my Etsy shop.

took a lot of outfit photos.
CATS Sweater

ended the year spending Christmas with my family.

did one more thing I will only hint at for now. I filmed myself every month answering the same questions. What I'll end up doing with that footage is yet to be determined.

Year in Fandom: Book to Movie Adaptations in 2014

I teamed up with MakerGen and the Wikia Fan Studios to bring you this 'Year in Fandom' video! In it I talk about the book to movie adaptations that happened this past year, what I saw, what I liked, and my all time favorites of all time. Watch below and thank you you for subscribing!

12 Month Etsy Project Complete & a Zebra T-Shirt

Back in January I decided I wanted to challenge myself to premiere one new product a month on my Etsy shop, Nerdy Monsters. Well I am proud to announce I have succeeded and have just listed my December product! It is a Zebra T-Shirt that I made in my silkscreening class back in college. My final for that class consisted of many different animal illustrations (with their scientific names listed below) printed on various surfaces. I did a line of shirts, a dress, paper, and even an anteater on a canvass of animal cracker boxes. Well I have decided to sell the shirts from that project to you! I'll be listing the rest of the shirts in 2015 but I hope someone finds a good home for the Zebra shirt! (Thanks Kirsten for modeling!) If you want to see what I have listed over the year, check them all out below! (Be sure to let me know if you want anything that has expired or sold out!)

IMG_6425 IMG_6426 IMG_6428

Box Swap with Nerd Burger

Today I have something different to share with you, a box swap! What's a box swap, you find yourself asking? Well, it's when two friends at different sides of the globe decided to send each other presents. It's like a holiday gift exchanged mixed with a subscription box, but it's a one time and not necessarily during a holiday. So back in October, Cazz from Nerd Burger and I did a box swap! If you want to be surprised then watch the video right below but if you want to see images of the goodies she got me, keep scrolling for pictures! Also, be sure to check out Cazz's blog post and video! (And her Etsy shop, 'cause it's awesome!)