Cat Lady Necklace

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So life has been pretty nice lately. Work has been great with the launch of the new channel I've helped work on for months. (WDWBestDayEver) It's been so exciting seeing it all come together. Thanksgiving was a busy day yesterday. Jim and I had Thanksgiving lunch with my parents and then Thanksgiving dinner with his family. We are both very grateful and thankful for all we have and with what is currently happening in the world (and the sad excuse we have for a justice system here in America) we both spent the day thinking of those less fortunate than us and despite what others say we will be allies. Maybe I'm not the best social justice warrior, but I'm trying. 

Photo Credit: Jim Holmquist

Outfit Details
Glasses // Zenni Optical
Necklace // ILoveCrafty
Diamond Ring // my engagement ring 
Leaf Ring // Old Navey
Top // Forever 21
Tank // Forever 21
Leggings // Target
Shoes // DSW

My Cousin Dianna - Jenny Vlogs with Friends

You all know my cousin Dianna. I've talked about her here, here, hear, she guest blogged here, and she has her own blog here. She is quite the character and I love her to bits for it. Recently I interviewed* her for my YouTube series; Jenny Vlogs with Friends. She was a delight!
*mostly we talked about disneybounding, sung show tunes and recited Shakespeare.

Jemima, April 2011

Jemima, April 2011 Here I am as my favorite female character from CATS, yet again. Jemima was the first makeup of 2011. I did it in April for a video contest on YouTube, to show your 'spring makeup look.' I think my entry might have been a bit too unique to be in the running, however I had a lot of fun doing it. Be sure to check out the application video below!
Jemima, April 2011 Jemima, April 2011

Video Victoria

My last makeup for the year 2010 was the white cat, Victoria. I did a design based on the video. I also made a tutorial video as I was applying the makeup. You can watch that below!
Victoria Victoria Victoria Victoria

Found Favorites #22

These custom made hand drawn Pokemon stickers are so adorable. They're made by this month's sponsor Jess, from Bookworms in Dresses!
(via. Girlwithapencilco)

I love these raw crystal rings. So magical looking!

Totally found these randomly! (wink) Adorable happy pine tree ornaments are ready for the holiday season (or year round!)
(via. NerdyMonsters)
I love The Lion King! It's my favorite Disney movie. This print is so cool!
(via. InkistPrints)

Ugly Christmas sweater time. Bonus points for the cats. ;)
(via. skipnwhistle)

My Second Disneybound Lookbook! Pooh Bear, Lady Tremaine, & The Genie

I made another Disneybound lookbook video! This time my cousin Dianna helped me out as a villain and I was two more of my favorite characters. Again, if you follow me on Instagram those two will be familiar. The first is Winnie the Pooh from 'Winnie the Pooh', the second is Lady Tremaine from 'Cinderella', and the third is The Genie from 'Aladdin'. I want to make at least one more of these videos so let me know who I should Disneybound as next! Also, if you Disneybound yourself, show me pictures! Thanks for watching!

SoCal Cats Fan Meetup 2

For the second SoCal Cats fan meetupKatieEgle, and I went to a birthday party for Egle's little cousin. We dressed as pirate cats and painted faces. Then we took the pirate gear off and had a huge photoshoot at the park. I was Bombalurina (borrowing Katie's costume), Katie was Pouncival, and Egal was Victoria. It was such a fun day! Enjoy the many many photos!
IMG_6625 IMG_6633 IMG_6635 IMG_6641IMG_6643 IMG_6651 IMG_6653 IMG_6657 IMG_6665 IMG_6686 IMG_6694 IMG_6756 IMG_6757 IMG_6759 IMG_6763

There is a large album here if you want to see all our outtakes!

Here's a video of the first and second SoCal Cats fan meetups!!

Happy Christmas Pine Tree Ornaments

IMG_6324 A few Christmas' ago I made these cute little pine tree ornaments. This year I decided to make two more to share with the world. One has a big smile and one has a little smile and they are both in my Etsy shop ready to go home with someone awesome. Both are entirely handsewn and since they are really just happy pine trees, they can hang around all year or for any holiday you might celebrate!
IMG_6325 IMG_6319
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