Weddings on the Mind

Last weekend Jim and I went to our friends' Ian and Deseree's wedding. We realized it was probably the last wedding we'll go to before our own. Their wedding was a small ceremony held in the Los Angeles Railway Huron Substation, a historical location with a 'living art installation' called Chickens at the Station. (There was a small chicken coup out front) The ceremony was sentimental and really really nerdy. (I can't even remember all the references.) The food was great and the dancing and photo-booth kept us well entertained for the night. Deseree and Ian even got to leave the party in style, in their own DeLorean with Doc Brown as there chauffeur.

Jim and I are planning our own wedding and though we have a lot of the big things worked out already, it may be time to start planning more of the details. I think I'll be mentally revisiting all the weddings we've been to in the last 5 years. (there's like...9 or 10 of them!) The next seven and a half months are sure to get busy but are going to be a lot of fun.


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