One More Winged Key

IMG_1504 Remember when I made those awesome Harry Potter inspired winged key necklaces?  Well after I listed one on my Etsy shop it ended up being the first thing I sold. This weekend I was organizing my Etsy box (where I keep my Nerdy Monsters and hair bows that are for sale in my shop) and there it was; another winged key necklace.

Since I have this goal of listing a new product every month in my shop (and I made this goal before knowing I would also be planning my wedding at the same time) I thought it would be okay to consider this necklace a 'new product' since it's been unavailable for so long.

The exact listing is here, but remember, this is the last one I have. If it get's bought quickly, I might make more but it's not in my intimidate shop plans.

I have other nerdy fun things in my shop, so if you have not yet seen it, take a look!
Winged Key Necklace Thank you for supporting Nerdy Monsters! It's a such a fun hobby that maybe one day could be more. Thank you for helping me towards that goal.

If you have a Nerdy Monster or anything else I've made, I would be so grateful if you could take a photo with you showing off what you have and send it to:
I'll share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! (and maybe even Tumblr!)

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