The Day We Were Engaged - Japan Day 6

IMG_4931 February 8th, or second and first full day in Kyoto. I've told the story before, so I'll keep this short and let you look at the photos. Most of the day was spent hiking through the 1,000 Torii gates at the Fushimi Inari Shrine. Afterwords we ate some hot noodles and then later that evening we bought my 500yen ring and had a some Japanese whiskey to toast to our new future together.
IMG_4933 IMG_4934 IMG_4935 IMG_4955 IMG_0855 IMG_0859 IMG_0861 IMG_0863 IMG_0867

The moment right before he asked me. IMG_0870

The moment right after. IMG_0872 IMG_0876 IMG_0886 IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0891 IMG_0898

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