Feminist and Halloween Buttons!

IMG_6043 New buttons! I love making buttons and now there are 5 new designs in my shop! I sat down with my friend Kristen a while ago and we came up with saying we'd want to have on buttons. Well, I finally made them.
Extra points if you know where the quote is from on the last one! (If you're signed up for the mailing list then you already know.)

I hope you have fun exploring the Nerdy Monsters shop and if you have any suggestions for new button designs please let me know! (I also do bulk orders, just shoot me an Etsy convo.)

If you have a Nerdy Monster or anything else I've made, I would be so grateful if you could take a photo with you showing off what you have and send it to: NerdyMonsters@gmail.com
I'll share it on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! (and maybe even Tumblr!)

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