Letter Bead Bracelets


We're more than halfway through 2014! July's product on Nerdy Monsters are letter bead bracelets. There is currently one in the shop and more on their way. I've recently be experimenting with different bracelet making techniques and have decided to sell one of my first creations. I'm also open to making custom designs, what would you have yours say?
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Jenny Vlogs with Friends at VidCon feat. Luciano Spanto

This year at VidCon I shot a video with my friend Luciano Spanto We sing, talk geography, and I get made fun of for mispronouncing some Spanish.

Thanks for watching!

Dianna's Wedding

IMG_5802 Earlier this Month my cousin Dianna got married. It was a big deal because she's the first of the cousins on my dad's side to get married. (There are six of us, mostly all close in age.) I had bet back at the start of last year that she'd be the first. Then sure enough she got engaged. (And I'm next!) I love her so much and I'm so happy she found her prince. (Her wedding was mostly Sleeping Beauty themed, so that's not as cheesy as it sounds.) Here's some of my favorite photos from the day. (That photo above is me, Dianna, her new hubby Bob, and my sister Amy.)
IMG_5785 IMG_2276 IMG_2333 IMG_5799 IMG_5801 IMG_5796 IMG_2323 IMG_2325 IMG_2288 IMG_2277 IMG_2291 IMG_2301 IMG_2327 IMG_2329 IMG_2269 IMG_2271 IMG_2311 IMG_2294 IMG_2267 IMG_2300 IMG_5810 IMG_5812 IMG_2340 IMG_2347 IMG_5836 IMG_5822 IMG_5839 IMG_5845 IMG_5846

Comic Con Cosplay

This year I was at Comic Con for a very short amount of time, but in that brief visit I managed to see some great cosplay. I 'cosplayed' as a soft grunge Tumblr teenager, because flower crowns and Simba crop tops. It really made me miss the years I'd go and do the cosplay thing full out. Maybe I';; have to do it again one day... Here's what cosplay Comic Con was full of this year:

A familiar Link.

Mermaid Man!

 The Sansa and Arya Stark! (So freaking cute!)

You can call me queen.

Princess Tiana and Pocahontas!

Oh yeah, did I mention, I hung out with America Chavez. ;)

Since you're already calling me queen, you might as well call me captain too.

HOBBIT KNITTING KIT (Ok, not really cosplay, but asdfghjkl;!)

 Team Zissou represent!


Oh yeah, I was collecting John Snows.

Last but not least, bear family photo.