Rainbow Bright - IndieGiftBox Unboxing


Well I did it, I purchased another IndieGiftBox. If you missed my last post about them, IndieGiftBox is a monthly subscription box service that delivers handmade products instead of big name brands.  Here's my 'unboxing' of the June "Rainbow Bright" box! If you want a Rainbow Bright box and don't want any of my spoilers, go ahead and subscribe! If you're not the commitment type grab yourself one of these boxes ‘o’ happiness on a first-come, first served basis.

Also, I filmed my reaction to opening this box this time. Think I should post it on YouTube? It would probably go on my second channel if I do. Let me know!

First are these huge, but pretty, swarovski pearl studs by NaZari. They are bright and sure to stand out. I hope I have some green in my wardrobe that they match, or perhaps I can pair them with a black outfit.

One of my favorite things in this box was this leather geo ring by Boo + Boo Factory. It's on a standard adjustable ring base but the different color leather feels nice and looks great!

This bracelet from Hello Zee looks like it's just made of embroidery floss and a chain, but it's so beautifully woven together. I really love the bright colors. (I think it might match a Lion King t-shirt I own!)

I am so excited to try these hair ties from Boho Bands. I've seen them around but never actually purchased any to try. Also, the pink one with the gold skulls, love it!

Words of wisdom:

Here’s what you need to know…. Rainbow Bright artists and makers:
Get your box!

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