Found Favorites #18 Sailor Moon!

I'm so excited for the new Sailor Moon series, so today's I'm sharing some of my favorite Sailor Mon finds on Etsy. *This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really like browsing Etsy*

Crop tops! Oh my goodness, all of the crop tops. I can't get enough. This Sailor Moon crop top is so so so cute, I really want to add it to my collection.
(via. WhatTheShirts)

 I really want to hang this Luna watercolor in my apartment. The colors and simple design are so beautiful!
(via. GeekRandoms)

I love hand-painted shoes! These Sailor Moon ones are totally cute. They're waterproof and the artist will draw any of the characters you want!
(via. HarajukuBlue)

Okay, so I already have a Sailor Moon iPhone case...but this one is a wallet too! 

Last but not least is this replica Crisis Moon necklace. It's so great, I'd feel just like Usagi wearing it around.
(via. GlitterbombUK)

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