Life Through Instagram // 1

One year ago I started a series on my blog called Currently. I never added to it past the first post. I didn't forget about it I just never felt inspired enough to continue it. That could again be the case for this similar series I'm starting, but I have a feeling I'll like this one a bit more. The idea for Life Through Instagram is nothing new. Sharing my Instagram photos here to give you a quick update on my life is a pretty good idea that many blogs already do. You all know my feelings toward selfies, so it really makes sense. I hope you enjoy and follow me on Instagram!

1// Two Sargent girls engaged at the same time! My cousin Dianna and I are showing off our unique engagement rings at her bridal shower.
2// The Long Holidays' CD release show!
3// The self titled album! It's so good! (I stole this picture off the TLH Instagram, tehe)
4// CATS! It was amazing.
5// Me 'Jellicle-Bounding' as Mistoffelees.
6// Jim found the cosplay book I'm in during our Free Comic Book Day adventure. (I was cosplaying as Huntress from JLU, back from '07 Comic Con)
7// My spoils from Free Comic Book Day and later that evening hanging out with my friend Andrea at a spontaneous party in her new condo.
8// Hanson calender, Birthday cards, and thread. It's May already.

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