Found Favorites #17

Today I've got some cool finds, including this pretty sweet giveaway my sponsor, Sarah of Cephalopod Syndrome, is hosting. I haven't seen Godzilla yet but this concept art poster is so cool, it's making me want to.
(via. Cephalopod Syndrome)

Oh hello there blog post about YouTube on IGGPPC. Were you written by me? I think you were. I'm very excited to start this new IggleTube series and if you like YouTube, then you should be too!

This sale!! I need to get a dress for my cousin's wedding so I might just have to take advantage of this. Her wedding is Sleeping Beauty and 50s themed...somehow I think Modcloth is perfect for this!

I was recently a guest in the Female Geek Bloggers Con-At-Home Hangout #5: Nerdcrafting. It was so fun and I met some other awesome geek crafters!

 On that note, you totally need to check out Kelsey and Melissa's Etsy shops; April Sparkles and Melissas Cute Crochet. They are both great!

**This post contains Modcloth affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them.

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