Lillian Gracey (Disney's The Haunted Mansion) - Halloween 2009

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lillian Gracey
My Halloween costume for 2009 was Lillian Gracey from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, or better known as the tightrope walker in the room of the stretchy portraits. I made the costume myself, everything except for the under hoop skirt, the ballet slippers, and the parasol. I actually bought the parasol at Disneyland!^^ The corset top was the only thing I had a pattern for the rest I just improvised as I went along. Not one person at the Halloween party I was at knew who I was. Once I told them, however, they all knew exactly. Being a bit of a Disneyland nerd and a fan of the Haunted Mansion ride particular, she was an obvious choice to cosplay. At the time I had never seen anyone cosplay her before but since then the trend seems to have caught on.
Lillian Gracey Lillian Gracey Lillian Gracey Lillian Gracey

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