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Every day Disney: becoming a Disney character on your own terms. I am one of the biggest Disney fans I know. I grew up going to Disneyland, playing out Disney movies and dreaming of being Princess Aurora. I even worked there drinking in the Disney madness; I am almost certain that working there, knowing the secrets and deepest knowledge of Disney and its past made me more of Disney freak. I admire Walt for what he did and thank him for what he created. It is because of his empire that I wish upon stars and believe that if I dream it I can do it. The least I can do for him is honor all that he and his empire have created. Thus there is every day Disney. I got it in my head one day that I have this blog and I have all these crazy idea’s running around in my head why not put them down on paper. I love getting dressed up, my everyday casual wear is more like what people wore back in the 1950’s. But the point is I can be very selective when picking an outfit to wear. I look for inspiration from the 1950’s, steam punk and old turn of the century movies.
Then one day it hit me…Disney. Not once have I ever pulled inspiration form Disney except Halloween. Why not pull some inspiration for what I wear all the time. It may be unconventional but who am I to get embarrassed for what I am wearing? I once wore my pirate queen outfit to college, in April because I could and wanted to, so why not, right. So I sat down and said where to start? As I browsed through my computer thinking and day dreaming I came across the picture of Doc in Disney’s Parade of Dreams and said “why not my best friend at Disney?”, and poof every day Disney began.
I decide to start with what I knew I had. Then I would look in my closet and see ok I can do this character or ooo this one if I do this with this. I was throwing things together and building upon ideas. I got lucky with the Doc outfit and happened to have everything I wished to have. There are times when I want to do a character but don’t have what I want for them. When that happens I make a mental not to self “must so shopping”.
I have a whole list of characters and clothing to go with that is constantly growing as I get new items or realize I have that!!! Most of what I do for every day Disney is combinations of stuff I have never put together before. Yes I do wear these outfits all day and out in public, why not they are super cute. I love pretending I am some character and I love being Disney characters. Every day Disney allows me to do this whenever I want not just on Halloween. So every day Disney is getting to be a Disney character on your own terms. How did it start…to put it one way “It all started with a mouse” thanks to Mr. Wald Disney.

~ Dianna

Thank you, Dianna, for sharing your blog history and awesome 'Every Day Disney' idea! I love dressing up subtly like characters I love. What about you guys?  Don't forget to check out Dianna's blog over at Dianna Elyse Makeup!

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