CATS Sweater

CATS Sweater
The perfect way to start off a new goal of non-cosplay outfit posts is by easing into it, with my CATS sweatshirt. It was gift from two of my high school theater friends. Anyone who knew me back when I did theater in high school knew how big of a CATS fan I was. I always chose the songs/poems for auditions and coffee nights (open mic nights). I think it was shortly after high school graduation, Paige and Laura, found the sweatshirt at a thrift shop and bought it for me. Those girls, I love 'em!
  CATS Sweater CATS Sweater
I'll be honest, taking outfit photos felt really weird. I was alone (for the most part) and had a timer for my camera. I think I just need more practice to really get used to it. Perhaps one day I'll be able to convince Jim to take outfit photos for me...but I'm not going to rely on that. As weird as it was I really did have fun trying it out! CATS Sweater CATS Sweater
You're going to see these boots in most if not all of my outfit photos. They are amazing!

Outfit Details
Sweater // Thrifted (gift)
Shirt // Thrifted, orginally from Forever 21
Tights // Forever 21
Boots // Steve Madden
Glasses // Zenni Optical
Jewelry // Jewelmint


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