2014 Goals

1. JAPAN TRIP 2014!! 

Kinda cheating since I already booked my flight...

2. Visit the MOCA.

Still...never been.

3. Premiere (at least) one new product per month on Nerdy Monsters.
(That's 12 new things!) I also want to keep up to-date with current products and eally get serious with my store this year.

4. Make new business cards. 
MagicCatJenny & Nerdy Monsters

5. Double my followers on my blog and my YouTube channel.
Blog: 91 to 200
YouTube: 1k to 2k (Push goal: 5k...not sure how that could possible happen though.)

6. Doodle more.
I kinda sorta secretly started a doodle project a few months ago and had to put it on hold for a bit. I want to get back into it and finally show you guys.

7. Do the music thing.
I'm such a failure at this. I never seem to be able to keep up with any instrument and always forget how to play them. This year I'm gonna get back on track with the ukelele and actually record some songs I've been working on.

8. Stop stressing about YouTube.
Lets face it, I'm never going to be a full time YouTuber. It's going to be a hobby my whole life and I should not let my lack of success bother as much anymore. I'll still follow 'best practices' and put effort into my videos but I won't allow it to stress me out. (ie. Uploading every Wednesday; I'll aim for it but if it means neglecting relationships and responsibilities to upload a sub-par video on time, I'll take a break.)

9. Visit the California Science Center.
I feel like I've been here before as a kid but I could just be thinking of the Discovery Science Center which I know I've been to.

10. More fun photo shoots & do (at least) one outfit post a month.
I always love photo shoots with friends. The only problem is finding willing participants. I like doing both (taking photos and being the subject). What I'm going to do is start a list of great locations for photos shoots and try and actually plan these things with anyone who knows how to work a DSLR. (Any LA based friends reading this and are interested??)

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