Photo an Hour >> November 30th

The very last day of November was during my Thanksgiving break. That means I slept in. It was not until after breakfast and lounging around for a while that I remembered this project. So, it start's a bit late in the day. Only one more month till this project's done!

Past Photo an Hour:

12:00pm >> The beautiful poinsettia my mother gave me. It's a Christmas plant so hopefully I can keep it alive till then.
November 30th 2013

1:00pm >> It's after Thanksgiving so that means it time to get out the Christmas decorations!
November 30th 2013

2:00pm >> Just a little bit of cleaning and organizing.
November 30th 2013

3:00pm >> I found book of Christmas crafts from when I was a child, so I made a penguin!
November 30th 2013

4:00pm >> Watching bad Christmas movies and enjoying my pumpkin candle. (don't know why, but I love taking photos of candles)
November 30th 2013

5:00pm >> Measuring the ingredients for the pies I need to make. (I broke one of those pyrex dishes this morning, I'm so mad.)
November 30th 2013

6:00pm >> Time to start peeling apples! (I watched so many bad Christmas movies that day)
November 30th 2013

7:00pm >> Mmmmmmm.
November 30th 2013

8:00pm >> Cooking!
November 30th 2013

9:00pm >> Party time! 
November 30th 2013 November 30th 2013 November 30th 2013

Sometime after 10:00pm >> You know, that time of night. When you and your friends model all of your friend John's vests. He numbers them...
November 30th 2013 November 30th 2013 J.
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