4 Simple Goals *before 2014: Update

Update time! Remember this post? Well lets see how I'm doing on those goals...

1. Buy a succulent. I've been browsing Etsy for these and have found quite a few I like. However, I mentioned to Jim that I do want one so I think I'm going to wait till after Christmas just in case.

2. Inbox zero. WELL, I was very close to achieving this yesterday when this happened. So thanks to John Green featuring my P4A video in yesterday's live stream, I have a few more emails to sort out.

3. Complete one more 2013 Goal. Oh yeah, did a few more actually. You'll have to stay tuned to find out which ones I completed. ;)

4. Rethink my shoes. This one has been an interesting journey. So far I got rid of half of my heels but have yet to buy new boots and comfortable shoes yet. This goal is in progress. The sole inserts were a bust so I went to see a podiatrist for my foot, and though I need to get an MRI to be sure, there is a big chance I've been walking on a fracture for the last 14 years(!) I want to wear heels on New Years...perhaps I'll bring flats and go back and forth. Argggg, my poor foot.


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Image credit: Rikard Fröberg

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