What to Wear to Watch Doctor Who

The Doctor
I'm back with another outfit post! This Saturday was the 50th aniversery of Doctor Who and for the occasion I decided to incorbreate a little Time Lord into my outfit. I was not going full cosplay since I was just watching the episode with a few friends, not going to a party. If you have a Doctor Who shirt and some of these accessories, it's really simple. Here's some ideas.

My favorite Doctor is the 10th played by David Tennant. For 10 all you need is some Converse shoes, a trench coat or long jacket, and some rectangular glasses.  (Luckily for me, my actual glasses are perfect!) My TARDIS shirt is from Threadless.
The Doctor
The second look is even simpler. To be the 9th Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, all you really need is a leather jacket (or faux leather in my case) and a stern expression. My TARDIS tank top is from Hot Topic. The Doctor
The third look is a bit of a thowback to older Doctor Who with the 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker. I've actually never seen any of his episodes but I know what he looks like! All you need is a fedora hat and a striped scarf. My 11 Doctors shirt is from TeeFury. The Doctor
I ended up dressing as both the 10th Doctor and the 4th Doctor. 10-4. See, I'm getting the hang of outfit posts! Ok ok, I promise I'll do some non-cosplay-ish ones soon...it reminds me to accessorize. You know, I don't have any Doctor Who hair bows or jewelery. This give me an idea for more things for my shop! Well until make my ideas reality, allons-y!
The Doctor The Doctor
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