I'm a Geek for: Snail Mail

These colorful folders are home to my many snail mail projects. In the past few years I've been sending more letters then I ever have before. One of my projects is 100 Letters. After finding an old stationary book with 100 pages, I decided I wanted to send 100 letters to my friends and family all around the world. I'm very close to being half way through and once I do reach 50 I'll make another video.

Another snail mail project I'm apart of is the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. I was in the second round of pairs in April and I was paired up with a lovely lady name Amy who sent me a huge package for our very first exchange. She knew it was my birthday month so she really went all out. I decided to film myself opening the package so you can see what I got and my (very happy) reaction.
 I wish I had enough money to get a PO Box so I could post the address in every video I make and on this blog, but until then I am only open to becoming pen pals with people from the IGGPPC or close internet/YouTube/blog friends. If you fall into one of those categories and would like to exchange snail mail, let me know!

So "I'm a Geek for"is a link up I'm starting where geeky bloggers can collaborate on themed posts and link up!  If you want to join the "I'm a Geek for" party, link up with your own post about snail mail . We'd love to see it. And if you can't make it this time around, we'll be back in December with another theme. Join in then!

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