The Huntress (Justice League Unlimited) - Comic Con 2007

The Huntress
Probably my favorite costume I wore for Comic Con 2007 was my Huntress costume. I managed to make it in about a week. (The week before the con, of course) Tons of hand sewing was involved in this project and it was not until the very end that I knew it would even work. I've only seen a handful of Justice League Unlimited episodes but out of all of the characters, she stood out to me. The costume was a hit at Comic Con and I was even photographed in this costume for a 'women of cosplay' book that came out the following year. I have a copy of it somewhere, I'll try and find it to show you soon. I have not worn this costume since that year but I still have it just in case I feel the urge to be a super hero again.

The Huntress The Huntress The Huntress The Huntress
The Huntress
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