Photo an hour >> September 30th

Monday, October 21, 2013

I said I would not do it again but I have. I forgot this project till the last day of the month which happened to be a week day. However, since the last Photo an Hour I have moved to a different building at work so I have given you a bit of a tour. Enjoy!

Past Photo an Hour:

8:00am >>  Just starting to put up some Halloween decorations.
September 30th 2013
 9:00am >> Here's my new desk. I actually sat here before I was moved to a different building, then yet another building. So this is like coming home in a way.
September 30th 2013
10:00am >> To my left is the animation room. I love how they decorate the walls with their characters.
September 30th 2013
11:00am >> We have a big rug! (If you could not guess where I work by now, here's a big hint.)
September 30th 2013
12:00pm >> These are in the kitchen. (If you did not get the previous hint, here's the actual name.)
September 30th 2013
1:00pm >> iPhone selfie. I like reading on my lunch break if I can.
September 30th 2013
2:00pm >> Decided to take you outside. Don't you just love this crazy tree?
September 30th 2013
3:00pm >> My Ikea candle looks like wine. (I wish!) 
September 30th 2013
4:50pm >> Still counts as 4, right? I have an excuse, there was a meeting in the other building across the street. I took this with my iPhone on the walk back.
September 30th 2013
5:00pm >> Yup, I took my sanding desk with me. Don't use it every day though...
September 30th 2013
6:00pm >> The big empty lot between the building and the parking structure.
September 30th 2013
7:00pm >> At home editing one of my own videos.
September 30th 2013

This was a pretty normal day. I had a lot of people ask me why I brought my big SLR to work since I'm not a shooter. I did get lots of complements on my JoTotes camera bag though!

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