Blue Cornbread and Breaking Bad

So, I'm only on season 4 of Breaking Bad. It was not a show I had ever planned on watching. That changed last month. Yes, last month. That's when I started watching Breaking Bad. I'm on season four (more than halfway through actually). So when my friend Vince suggested we make Blue Cornbread and a Breaking Bad parody film, I was so very down.

The recipe we used was literally the first search result for 'Blue Cornbread' and it can be found at All Recipes. So just go view it there if you want to make it yourself. However if you'd like a more fun way to learn, we made a 'How To' video cut together with the outtakes from the film.

It was a lot of fun and even though I'll be a bit scared to read the comments due to potential jerks posting spoilers, I really hope people favorite, like, and comment. It means so much to video makers and helps out quite a bit. Anyways, if you ever wondered what I do on's more often than not making weird fun videos like these.

In other exciting blogger news, I have been interviewed by Mary Belle at Secret Obsession and...well...myself over at CalNerdCon. Check out the posts and get to know me more. As always thanks for reading and commenting. Each day I grow to love the blogging world more and a lot of that is due to my readers.

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