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As you may know, I recently switched over to Adproval for my sidebar advertising. It's been so easy to use and I really like it. I have three types of ad spaces available for November, feature, large, and small. I really hope you join me next month on MagicCatJenny, it's going to be great!

Each ad space is available for swap if you offer ad swaps on your blog. I'd prefer if you used the large or small but if the feature is open and you want it, go for it. (It might not always be available for swap.) If you'd rather advertise your shop or don't offer swaps, the prices are super affordable. No spot is over $7.

To purchase just head over to my advertising page. If ever a spot you want is taken you can still request it and it will go up when the current one expires.  Chose your size and then click "Apply for Ad Spot" if you'd like to pay or "Request Free Ad Swap." (Be sure to let me know how to place my ad on your blog if you want to swap.) If you don't have a banner ad let me know, I can make one for you!

Let me know if you have any questions! Go for it!

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