Room Tour: New Dressers - Before

When you live with your significant other and you share a room, there's always the chance the person with the most things will tend to take over the space.  That's what happened with Jim and I. He is a simple man and I am a borderline hoarder. We deiced we both needed our own dressers and that meant re-organizing. Before I gave up my little corner to Jim, I took some photos of the space. Here's what it looked like before. Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show you the after!
The bracelet display is one I made, see how to here.
Actual shark teeth I won at a paleontology club meeting.
 A post card from one of my favorite artists, Liselotte Eriksson. The model is Johanna Öst.
I've had this map of Middle Earth for forever and always wanted to display it somehow. So, recently my dad mounted it on a wooden plaque for me that he made. (My dad is really into woodworking and always makes me things.)
 I...may need another bookcase soon.
I kinda have a thing for designer plush. My blue cat, Gato Delux, is an Ugly Doll. The red fox and the white owl from the previous photo are from Fairweather Friends. The blue monster is one of my designs and you can get him at Nerdy Monsters and Magic World.
On the bottom shelf lives my LOL Throwboy pillow.
Tomorrow I'll show you how we re-organized the space and what we did with our new dressers!
Thanks for reading!

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