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Monday, September 23, 2013

Some days you just stay inside and do nothing. Jim pointed this out to me last month when I was bummed we had no plans on the last day of the month. The day I remembered I had yet to do my 'Photo an Hour' project. (whoops, just in time!) He said I should be true to our life and not hide the not-so-adventurous days. So here you are, our lazy day. Yes, I do realize I forgot to take my camera off of video mode. Enjoy the 16:9 photos...

Past Photo an Hour:

9/9:30am >>  Morning selfie! Like my tank top? See how I made it here!
August 31st 2013

10am >>  Walked down to the local Starbucks for breakfast. We never do this so it was kind of a treat.
August 31st 2013

11am >>  Still at Starbucks, chatting about the future with my sweetheart.
August 31st 2013

12pm >>  Working on my blog! I wish I had time to really do this during the week.
August 31st 2013

1pm >>  Trying to do a bit of cleaning. I always talk about how I accumulate stuff and Jim never does....but, have I told you how many musical instruments he has? 
August 31st 2013

2pm >>  Laundry! We live a glamorous life.
August 31st 2013

3pm >>  I have been re-watching Buffy with Jim (it's his first time!) and working on a new project related to re-watching Buffy. You'll be hearing about that project soon.
August 31st 2013

4pm >>  Lunch on the porch as Jim continues to do laundry. Did I mention this was a lazy day?
August 31st 2013  

5pm >>  Photo not found. I took a nap...

6pm >>  Jim decided he had to be productive a little bit.
August 31st 2013

7pm >>  Ice Coffee time.
August 31st 2013  

Lazy days are really needed sometimes, especially when it's too hot to move.

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