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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

July's Photo an Hour was done the weekend before VidCon. I had a lot of planning to do and a lot of unrelated things to do as well. Needless to say, I was quite busy.

Past Photo an Hour:


10am >>  Woke up late but the first thing on my mind was planning my VidCon weekend. Time to get out the highlighters! 
July 27th 2013

11am >>  Picking out what to pack. I really do love planning...
July 27th 2013

12pm >> Lunch time!
July 27th 2013

1pm >>  I actually had a relaxing afternoon for once. I watched an interesting movie called Butter and had some delicious coffee.
July 27th 2013
2pm >> Cleaning, organizing, puttering around the apartment, unable to grasp that August is almost here.
July 27th 2013

 3pm >>  Jim had an afternoon concert in a local coffee shop so we piled the gear, merch, and us in the 'pope mobile' (what Jim calls his Crown Vic) and headed to the show.
July 27th 2013

 4pm >>  The place had an awesome Aquaman painting! Anyways, The Long Holidays' set was first. They were great as usual, despite the early show time. (They are used to night sets in bars as apposed to afternoon sets in coffee shops. Much different crowds.)
July 27th 2013

July 27th 2013

5pm >> Next up was Nicole from Hello the Future. The Long Holidays were the backing musicians for her most recent album, Giant Robot Album, so they played this gig with her. Till then I'd only heard the album so getting to see them perform together was really cool.July 27th 2013

 6pm >> Beer and dinner at Wurstkuche. It's strange finishing a TLH show when the sun's still out.
July 27th 2013

7pm >> Still at Wurstkuche. (I admit, I tried a bite of a bratwurst but I really just had the fries. I'm still a bit of a picky eater.)July 27th 2013

8pm >> Back home, attempting to organize my craft area. So many buttons! 
July 27th 2013

It was a pretty great day! Daytime concerts are not bad, I really like them I think.
Thanks so much for reading!

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