Flash Gordon | Science Fiction Double Feature

Episode two is now out from my 12 part series where I review the 11 films mentioned in the song Science Fiction Double Feature from the 1975 musical, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you'd like to watch along, this post lists all the films in the order I'll be watching them.

Today I review the 1936 series, Flash Gordon. Originally it was three serial films Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. I watched a few episodes of what was labeled as Flash Gordon, Space Soldiers. I really could not get too into it knowing how much content there is out there. I'm actually looking forward to perhaps watching the 1980 re-make film.

In each episode, I will be dressing like a character (or in this case, someone in the ensemble) from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I invite you to guess who I am each week in the YouTube comments. Think you can do better? Tweet me your outfits @MagicCatJenny #RockyHorrorBound
Thanks for reading!

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