Snow White and Rose Red

Snow White & Rose Red Snow White and Rose Red is a German fairy tale most notable retold by the Brothers Grimm. The Snow White in this story is not to be confused by the Snow White who had seven male roommates, they are two different characters. The story is about two sisters, a friendly bear who is really a prince, and an ungrateful dwarf. This was never a tale I knew as a child but I am very fond of it now.

Rose Red
Snow WhiteI'm not surprised that for my first attempt at an outfit post/what I wore/outfit of the day sort of thing on this blog I am cosplaying. I have a small collection of wigs and I thought it would be great to portray both characters.

The Snow White in this story is shy and likes reading indoors so I have her wearing a long white lace tunic as a dress with matching white flats. Rose Red, is outgoing and likes the outdoors. I've dressed her in a bold red tunic as a dress and black flats. I wanted both girls to be similar but also very much themselves.

I really wish I had some bear related clothing to add to these looks. (Even just a stuffed bear as a prop.) I guess the next time I see a bear patterned top or a bear pendent I'll have to pic it up. I'm not sure if I really have a favorite fairy tale, but Snow White and Rose Red is a good contender. I find myself relating to both characters and I'm sure you do as well.

Rose Red & Snow White
Rose Red & Snow White

This post is part of a fairy tale outfit post link-up via. Nessbow. Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun! (and encouraging me to finally make an outfit post...oh lifestyle blog world you are still so new to me.) If you want to see more outfit posts from me, let me know! I am warming up to the idea.



Anonymous said...

I love your interpretation and I've never heard of this fairy tale before. I'm going to look it up today.

Natalie Mulford said...

Guh! You look amazing, and now I'm going to have to go check out this fairy tale because it sounds interesting! said...

Whoa. What a terrific tale, and you look absolutely stunning!

Amanda G. said...

I was not familiar with this fairytale, but after reading the little Wikipedia blurb I like it! And I think your modern interpretations are great. :) Love the wigs, too!

Sailor July said...

You're so inspiring! This is a fabulous look and while I haven't read the tale, from what you described, you nailed the characters. I love how you took the portraits and made 'tis look like both characters interacting. You rock!