Photo an hour >> June 29th

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

During the last weekend of June, Jim and I decided to spend the day together and go on a daytime date. I enjoy just spending time with him even if we are not doing anything, but it's nice to go out and have adventures together as well. Adventure!
Past Photo an Hour:

10am >> Sleeping in is perfect for Saturdays. So is scented candles burning as you shower.
June 29th 2013 11am >> Self portrait. (I am loving my new haircut!)
June 29th 2013

12pm >> Rock! Arriving at the LACMA for our date.
June 29th 2013

1pm >> Stanley Kubrick's camera lenses. I was very happy we got to see his exhibit before it left!
June 29th 2013

2pm >> Boxed water...
June 29th 2013  

3pm >> Rubber forest.
June 29th 2013  

4pm >> Full of burgers and ready to go home.
June 29th 2013

5pm >> On the way home Jim stopped to get a hair cut and I walked around. I almost walked in this shop but I knew I would not be able to leave without buying too much soap.
June 29th 2013  

6pm >> The view of our apartment's front steps from our porch.
June 29th 2013

7pm >> Dinner and TV.
June 29th 2013

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