Mid-July Progress Report

 July is halfway over and I know this is going up a few days past the midway point, but I'm just so busy! It's a good kind of busy though. I started blogging for IGGPPC and Wonderly and I reached 1,000 subscribers on YT. It's just been and eventful month.

Get Ready For VidCon
I went shopping for some new threads for the con. I decided to nix the idea of getting new business cards but I am going to make some buttons to give out to my subscribers. (As I mention in the video I posted today, ha-za!) Hotel plans are for the most part square, I just need to pay my roomie. Things I still need to do are buy some healthy snacks, buy some not-so-healthy energy substances, review the agenda and make panel decisions, plan the CalNerdCon meetup, and pack. I'm so excited!

Jim's Birthday!
It was so great! He basically got two parties. The day before his birthday was his good friend Vince's birthday. So when midnight struck, we all tosted to Jim (and Scott, another birthday buddy!) Then on the night of the next day his family came over. We ate dinner out and then we all hung out at our apartment. (Most of his family had not seen our apartment yet.) Jim got a cake I made him and lots of great presents. It was a blast!

Add To My Shop
I still need to add stuff to my Storenvy shop! There's also a contest over at IGGPPC for creating merch and selling it on Etsy. I know I don't do much with my Etsy shop these days since it's only loosing me money, but I might use this contest thing as an opportunity to get it up and running again. Maybe.

Get Back Into YouTube
Ok, future Jenny, please please please do not wait till after work on Wednesday to start filming a video for Thursday! I have so many ideas for YT but since I'm at work for 9 hours 5 days a week it's so hard to put in the time. Weekends are great but they fill up fast. (I do have friends, I know it's surprising.) I'm not giving up though. I just need to find more YouTubey friends who like making videos. Come on LA, lets do this!

Finish Reading A Casual Vacancy
I've been reading it. See, I'm in the background of my own video reading it! (No one's commented on the double me yet...I find that funny.) I don't know if I'll get through it before VidCon but I'm going to make a better effort this week.

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