Halfway Through 2013

At the start of the year I made a big post with all of my goals for the year. Since it's half way through 2013, lets see what has been done, abandoned, and still on the horizon.

1. Take a boat ride with Jim.  
This one will happen, it just hasn't yet.

2. See Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart, dressed up.
I hope I get to do this in October. I just need a large group to go with me. =P

3. Eat at 10 new restaurants in LA. - I decided to include bars if I got food there ;)

1. Sake House By Hikari  B (good sushi, but nothing special)
  2. Jackson Market and Deli  A+ (amazing sandwiches! It's also a way cool convenience store)
  3. Susan Feniger's STREET  A- (loved it, but way expensive)
  4. E K Valley  C (not bad but not great)
  5. The Edison  A+ (such atmosphere! Only had fries for food but the cocktails were great)
  6. Tusquellas Fish & Oyster Bar B (decent fish tacos)
  7. Victor Jr's.  B (pretty good pizza but not my favorite)
  8. Blind Barber A (love the speakeasy/behind an actual barbershop thing & the grilled cheeses are amazing!)

4. Visit the LACMA.
Yes! We did! We also got to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit and it was my favorite! I was also the day I chose for my Photo an Hour post, so that is coming soon!

5. Visit the MOCA.
Not yet...I hope it happens though.

6. Go on a date with Jim to the Griffith Observatory.
We've talked about this, so hopefully very soon.

7. Re-start 'The Jemima Project'.
Oh boy...I have not even thought about this once. However, I have decided to start a cosplay channel on YouTube. Perhaps that will inspire me...eh.

8. Sell something in my Etsy store or another online selling platform.  
I've mostly given up on Etsy. Nine months and zero sales. I'm keeping it but focusing more heavy on my Storenvy shop. I have at least sold there in the past and it does not cost me anything to list.

9. Be more present in the blogging community & gain more GFC and Bloglovin followers.
At the start of 2013 I had 3 Bloglovin followers. 

Halfway through 2013 I have 71(!) 

This could be partially due to GFC ending but I'm still proud!

10. Take a photo an hour once a month.

June - done, coming soon!

11. Finish the first book in my 'The London Jellicles' series.
*blink* Ummm...yeah no. This one might be abandoned, we'll see.

12. Read 25 books, 10 new to me.
1. The Hobbit

2. Y: The Last Man, Vol. 7: Paper Dolls

3. Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons
I'm doing real bad on this one. This year has been so busy and after work activities have left little time to just take some time to read. I realize this is something that needs to change in my life and hopefully I can do better during the second half of 2013.

13 . Go to Japan.

I actually have until April 2014 if this is going to happen...so, maybe?


Test said...

I have been to Japan before many a times, so if you want tips on airplanes/ports, important places to visit and such, just message me! :) Can't do much with hotels though, as I stay with my grandmother.

Amber said...

What an amazing list and you've gotten a lot done so far. My fiance wants to visit Japan one day. He was born in the Philippines but his Dad was stationed in Okinawa and they lived there until he was three.

Good luck with finishing your goals!

xo Amber P.