11 Questions

 I was tagged by the lovely Angie of My So Called Chaos to participate in 11 Questions.
The Rules: Answer the 11 questions, tag 11 people & let them know, and ask them a new set of questions. I'm not sure if I know 11 bloggers to tag that have not already done this yet, but we'll find out.

How did you get started blogging & what keeps you doing it?

I started to blog back when Xanga and LiveJournal were the best places to blog. I did it because I liked being able to look back at my thoughts. I also blogged about my fandoms and passions and tried to met others who liked the same things. (video making & cosplay mostly) I keep blogging because I kept connecting with others and enjoyed the exchange of ideas.

What do you think makes you unique?

My off beat passions. I love what I love and I'm not afraid to admit it. Even when no one else understands me, I don't give up on my true feelings.

What's your favorite thing about yourself?

My imagination. Creativity has never been difficult for me, in fact I usually have too many ideas and not nearly enough time to do everything my head dreams up.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

Full of more projects and art. I'll probably blog about my life as well, I just hope I continue to focus on creating things.

What's the best tip you've ever received about blogging?

Don't expect anyone to care. If you're not blogging for yourself then you will eventually burn yourself out, no matter how big you get. That's not to say you should not set goals and make an effort, but don't do it for the 'fame.'

How does blogging affect your real life and vice versa?
It's a commitment, but it also helps me set real life goals. That could mean actually writing about my real life goals in my blog or it could mean having a plushie, or a drawing, or a video done in time to post it when I planned. And vice versa? The more things I'm doing in my real life the more I have to blog about. It motivates me to be less lazy.

What is something you're actively working toward and how are you getting there?

I'd like to build my YouTube channel. What that means is I'd like to keep getting better at video making, one video at a time. I'm getting there by just going for it with any free time I can afford to dedicate to it. I'm making more content, learning more tech skills, and interacting more with other creators.

What is your absolute beauty must have, and why? 

Sunscreen! It's...important.

If money wasn't an issue, what would you run out and buy right now?

A plane ticket to Japan to visit my sister. She is currently working at Tokyo Disneyland and I really miss her.

What is one beauty tip you feel that everyone should know?

Do what makes you feel beautiful not what others tell you is beautiful. If that's wearing lots of makeup, wear it. If that's wearing no makeup, don't wear it. It's really up to you.

Who's your freebie (if you're married-the one person/celebrity you can cheat with without it being cheating) or you're single, your number one celebrity crush?

Zac Hanson. He's been my celebrity crush since I was 11. (I'm 27, and yes...he's still making music.)

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Miss Angie said...

You are fantastic, and I love your offbeat passions! Thanks for joining in the fun! :D

Amber said...

So fun, I love reading these! I remember the days of Xanga (I still have an old account that I have forgotten the password) it's where I learned all my html skills lol. Thanks for tagging me :)

xo Amber P.

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Haha, of course! =P

Jennifer Holmquist said...

I wish I remembered my Xanga password. Haha, man was I a moody teen.