Musical Mondays: Lip Sync

For this week's Musical Mondays, I'm going to embarrass myself. Yup. I was trying to think of a great song to share with you when I remembered I recently did a lip sync video for my (currently on hiatus)  collab channel. I picked a few of my favorite songs so you'll get to hear a bit of my music taste as you watch me act very silly. Enjoy!

In cause you did not see last week's post, every Monday this month I'll be participating in the 'Music Mondays' link up hosted by My So Called Chaos. I'll write about what song I'm feeling that week and link up with a bunch of other bloggers doing the same. Also, this month I'm the sponsor! That means that I am doing a music related giveaway, so if you want to win a prize just check the bottom of this post! I'm giving away a CD from Jim's band, The Long Holidays. It's called The Adventure Through Liquid Space and has 11 songs about adventures, submarines, vikings, gods, and more.

What music are you listening to today?

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Miss Angie said...

Haha! You're adorable and super brave! :D