Family, Domains, and Zucchinis

Lately I've been seeing quite a bit of Jim's family and it's been so nice to get to be a part of their lives. However it has reminded me that I don't spend the time with my own family that I'd like to. Recently my sister and some of my cousins and I got to hang out together, a rare occasion these days. My sister Amy was just about to start her stay in Japan for her work, so we all went to a country western bar/concert with her and her friends.  Amy, my cousin Dianna, my cousin Kavita, and I actually hung out and it wasn't a holiday!
Dianna and I.
Dianna is very busy and lives just far enough that it make it difficult to hang out all of the time.  Amy is always in different countries it seems, for her work. Kavita, as you know, lives in Sweden. Her sister, Sabina, is coming to town this week and I really want to see them both before they leave for home.
Kavita, me, and Amy.
Big blog related news! I purchased a domain! Yes, you can now go to to get to this blog. It's a small change but it means quite a lot to me. I will probably be making new business cards eventually that include my Storenvy store as well. If you want one of the old ones before they are gone, perhaps you can take part in the 100 Letters project (that I am way behind on, eep!) and let me know you want an old card.

Last night I made some awesome zucchini boats with cheddar broccoli rice and onions.  I found a few recipes online and modified them to my liking. I'm not often the one cooking, so when I try to make it count. 

I hope you enjoyed my random life updates. I might do more posts like this in the future. If I don't post about things right away they tend to get pushed further and further back on my blog schedule. (I still haven't posted about my trip to the Ren Faire!) I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!