Whsimc Alley Craft Faire - May 2013 - Day 1

Last weekend I participated in another Whimsic Alley Craft Faire. I sold mostly the same things as last year; Nerdy Monsters, Pygmy Puffs, and buttons. This time Whitney was able to get work off to sell her paintings, so the two of us were there both days. We made buttons with Whitney's baby house animals and those sold pretty well. By far, the Pygmy Puffs were the most popular! Pretty soon I'll make some more and sell them online.

If you're here because you picked up my card at the fair; hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my table! I have two online stores which are explained in the shop section of this blog. (Or you can head directly to my Etsy or Storenvy)
This year we only had half a table but it was enough. I also had some of my mom's crafts with me; handmade jewelry and her knitted purses. She used to sell at craft fairs as well, but I'm sure they weren't quite as 'themed' as this one.

IMG_0198  The first day was pretty good. We tried not to spend as much as we made. (It was hard!) Stay tuned tomorrow for day two!


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Lauren said...

This looks like great fun :) We never have good craft fairs like this near me - love all the Harry Potter stuff!! :)