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Whsimc Alley Craft Faire - May 2013 - Day 2

IMG_0205 It's Professor Trelawney! Day two at the fair was just as fun as day one. I did not film a walk through like I did last year, but I am planning on making a 'Craft Faire Haul' video in a few weeks. Overall we did well. The best part was just being there and experiencing the magic all weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Whsimc Alley Craft Faire - May 2013 - Day 1

Last weekend I participated in another Whimsic Alley Craft Faire. I sold mostly the same things as last year; Nerdy Monsters, Pygmy Puffs, and buttons. This time Whitney was able to get work off to sell her paintings, so the two of us were there both days. We made buttons with Whitney's baby house animals and those sold pretty well. By far, the Pygmy Puffs were the most popular! Pretty soon I'll make some more and sell them online.

If you're here because you picked up my card at the fair; hello! Thank you so much for stopping by my table! I have two online stores which are explained in the shop section of this blog. (Or you can head directly to my Etsy or Storenvy)
This year we only had half a table but it was enough. I also had some of my mom's crafts with me; handmade jewelry and her knitted purses. She used to sell at craft fairs as well, but I'm sure they weren't quite as 'themed' as this one.

IMG_0198  The first day was pretty good. We tried not to spend as much as we made. (It was hard!) Stay tuned tomorrow for day two!


May Sponsors

Hello! I havin't done a 'meet the sponsors' post in a long time. I hope you have the time to check everyone's blogs out. They are all so wonderful for sponsoring or swapping with me, give 'em some love!

Hi there!  I'm a geeky lass who lives in rural Australia with her devilishly handsome boyfriend and two cats.  I love daily outfit photos, vintage fashion, Disney villains, karaoke, conventions, cosplay, crochet and cult movies.  You too?  Come over and check out my blog, I'm sure you'll find something there to tickle your fancy.

Hello! I'm Anna and I blog over at the Dusty Attic, my little place on the internet where I got to be crafty and to enjoy a little 'me' time. I blog about my little family, what we get up to, and quite often what I'm currently lusting after on the interwebs! Pop over and say hello!

I'm Amanda and I write about life with my darling fella, Will, as work and live. For the past three years we have been building our own house in WV on top of a mountain in an old abandoned apple orchard, and we have just now moved in! 

Horses of Ares is a lifestyle blog and (soon to be) web design shop based in Southern California. It focuses on my daily adventures, food and recipes, a few DIY's, style and outfits, design, handmade shops and more - come visit me sometime! :)

 My blog is all about art, food and life. I try to show parts of the projects I'm working on, finished artwork, any cool meals I've made lately, and then whatever else that I think might be interesting. I'm an artist in Vancouver BC, doing a lot of illustration mostly, including children's books.

Hi! I'm Mary, and Secret Obsession is my online and not-too-personal diary dedicated to documenting my life and sharing to you the things I like. :) Come on over and let's be friends!

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Video Demeter

Video Demeter 
We are nearing the end of the makeup photos from '07. Here is the second to last, Video Demeter. This was done pretty fast but I enjoyed the simplicity of it. It was inspired by the CATS video so it is not too detailed or exciting. It was done in June of 2007 with Halloween cream tubes and eyeliner. Again, simple and purely for fun.
Video Demeter Video Demeter
Video Demeter Video Demeter
Video Demeter Video Demeter 

Video chat!
 Video Demeter

There's so much more Cats makeup coming soon! I sure hope you are all enjoying them. ;)

Coworker Craft Night

Craft Night #1
A few months ago some girls from work decided to have a little crafts and drinks night. I didn't know them very well but I got invited and I jumped at the chance to make new friends and mess around with craft supplies.  There was nail painting, pink wine, pizza, and tons of silly crafts. I just thought I'd share some pictures from our night. (I didn't take pictures of the girls since most of us had just met. If we do it again I'll try and capture more of the evening!)

Some thread (flossing) beyond a sea of glue, yarn, and more!
Craft Night #1

Seems I'm not the only YouTube/crafter girl with a Nyan Cat rainbow lurking in their apartment...
Craft Night #1

Puff Ball Friend! We all made these since there was tons of yarn and a decent stash of googly eyes.  He now sits on my desk at work.
Craft Night #1

The other thing I made was a Peter Pan Collar.  They are really popular these days so made one out of felt, brass fasteners, and ribbon to tie it around my neck.
Craft Night #1 
If we have another craft night soon, I'll be sure to let you know! Any easy craft ideas for us? (I should really start a Pintrest board...)


It's So Easy Bein' Me - Artichoke

So I normally try and only post videos once a week here, however today is an exception. I am happy to finally get to share with you the music video I made for my friend Timothy Sellers of the band Artichoke. The video stars Tim, 31 different women and girls, and two cats. It took a long time to edit but I had so much fun doing it. It would make my day if you watched it! (The song's super catchy as well!) Thanks so much!


Google + Variety Show - This Friday!

I'm so excited to tell you all that this Friday I am going to be a part of the longest running Google + Hangout Variety Show! It's put on every week by Google + expert Billy Wilson and this week he asked me to be apart! I would love if my blog readers would attend and ask questions in the chat.
It starts at 7pm PST (10pm EST) and lasts for about an hour. There's a musical guest at the end and then some viewers could be selected to join the hangout once it's gone off air.

Here's where you can RSVP to the event.
Here's the YouTube channel it will be broadcast on.

See you there!


Videos: Summers with You

This video was shot in the summer of 2011 & 2012. I can't wait to spend yet another summer with my sweetheart.

I hope you have someone to spend your summer with.


Tour V Tumblebrutus

Tour V Tumblebrutus 
Tour V Tumble done in March 2007. Except for the fact you can still see my eyebrows, I think it's one of my best make-up applications with only Halloween quality make-up. Tumble is a rather rambunctious cat. He's one of the characters often found doing handstands and back-flips. If I had a full costume of him, I'd need a photo of myself upside down!

Tour V Tumblebrutus Tour V Tumblebrutus Tour V Tumblebrutus Tour V Tumblebrutus Tour V Tumblebrutus Tour V Tumblebrutus

Currently // 1

 photo Currently1.jpg

Listening // Jim got this Joanna Newsom record, Have One On Me, from a local record shop we visited recently. We've been playing it all week, it's great.

Editing // I'm just about finished with a big project I've been working on for the past three months. It's a music video for my friend Tim and his band Artichoke. The video will premiere on my channel next Thursday (May 16th.) Don't miss it! There about 30 women in the video and I'm very proud of it.

Reading // Snail mail! I just got my second letter from my IGGPPC pen pal. She is lovely and has two small children who send me drawings. So cute!

Loving // LUSH! I recently tried their Comforter bubble bar and I am in love. I cut it up into 9 pieces and used the smallest piece, and that bath was bubble insane!  I'm big on scents (I love candles and incense) and everything at LUSH smells so good. Also, it's just nice to just relax in the tub after a long work week.

I think I might start posting these 'currently' posts twice a month. It's a nice way to reflect and appreciate.


Photo an hour >> April 20th

April was a busy month for me. It was Vlog Every Day in April (which I don't think I'll be doing for a forth time next year). It's also my birthday month. I did manage to take a photo every hour one day and the day I chose was my birthday 'party'.  I got together with my friends, went shopping, and The Long Holidays preformed in my honor.  It was a perfect day.

Past Photo an Hour:

10am >> To start my day in a good mood I took a relaxing bath with a wonderful LUSH bath bomb. I'm a new LUSH customer and I love everything I've tried so far.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

11am >> Doing my nails with Sally Hansen Salon Styles stick on polish. I love those things, they last longer than any manicure I've ever gotten.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

12pm >> Arriving at The Grove, the first of 3 shopping locations for the day. I don't go shopping for fun too often, so on my birthday I like to splurge a bit.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

1pm >> Still at The Grove, enjoying the fountain. (It was a hot day!)
Photo an hour >> April 20th

2pm >> Kirsten and I heading to the next location. She was nice enough to drive my crazy butt all over the place all day. I love you Kirsten!
Photo an hour >> April 20th

3pm >> The second stop of they day was 3rd Street in Santa Monica. Just to go to LUSH.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

4pm >> Last mall of the day was the West Side Pavilion.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

5pm >> Done with shopping! Time to go home.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

6pm >> Where my money went. Only those two stores. We wanted to get something at Top Shop where we started the day but the prices really turned us off. I will go back one day.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

7pm >> Birthday cocktail! Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the recipe and thanks to Vince for making if for me.  It was a but too sugary for my taste but I enjoyed it.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

8pm >> Kirsten relaxing before we headed out. I don't think any of us finished our cocktails.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

9pm >> I took a quick selfie on our way to Genghis Cohen!
Photo an hour >> April 20th

10pm >> Genghis Cohen is part restaurant, part bar, and part concert venue. My friends and I hung out in the bar area before the show. (You can see a bit of another band performing in the window.) It's a strange venue but nice because it is all ages so Jim's sisters got to come.
Photo an hour >> April 20th

11pm >> The Long Holidays! This is during their Viking Funeral song where the audience gets to be vikings on a rowing ship. Lots of yelling and playing percussion instruments, it's a crowd favorite!Photo an hour >> April 20th

I had such a great day, thanks to all my friends who spent it with me!