Tuber Tuesday: Casual Vlogs

Vlogging is a strange way to describe talking to a camera and posting it online. It stands for 'video blogging' and that leads one to believe it is the same as a written blog entry but in video form. Most YouTubers use it to describe just that.  It's not a sketch, music video, short film, or some other creative video type; it's a vlog. I don't believe I have a solidified vlogging style so perhaps I've just changed over time in how I approach vlogging. Sometimes it's to convey information, other times it's to be random and silly with little to no format, and other times it to present an opinion.  Below are a few different vlogs I've done in the past.  Let me know in the comments if you think I do indeed have a style, or if one of the videos stands out for whatever reason.

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