It's my Birthday!

I'm 27 today! I don't feel 27, I feel maybe 17. I have amazing friends who are going out with me tonight to a bar called The Edison. Then, this weekend, The Long Holidays are playing a show in my honor and all of my friends are coming out. 26 was an okay year but I can tell that 27 is going to be better. Thanks so much for following my blog, I love all of your comments! Oh and if you were wondering, yes I ate cake for breakfast today. ;)


The Ayatollah of Psychadelic Happenstance said...

Cake for breakfast! Now you KNOW you're an adult.

Happy Birthday friend!

The Ayatollah of Psychadelic Happenstance said...

Also I was unaware it would say my fun user name as opposed to my actual name...This is Jason..

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Hhaha! Thanks Jason!