Found Favorites #8

This felt brooch is so cute! I've been meaning to try and make brooches myself someday, these might have just inspired me!
(via. TheDustyAtticShop)

This is so great! CATS is my favorite musical and I'd love to proudly wear that love around my neck!
(via. AlexandraAndCo)

 This is a necklace I would have worn every day if I owned it in junior high. That's was the height of my Sailor Moon obsession. Honestly, I'd wear it all the time if I owned it now!
(via. FantastiquePlastique)

These envelopes are so beautiful. Something like this would be great for my 100 Letters or IGGPPC projects!
(via. TravelOn)
 What a cute little crochet bow necklace! I really love the packaging as well.
(via. TheWanderingDeer)