Tuber Tuesday: Casual Vlogs

Vlogging is a strange way to describe talking to a camera and posting it online. It stands for 'video blogging' and that leads one to believe it is the same as a written blog entry but in video form. Most YouTubers use it to describe just that.  It's not a sketch, music video, short film, or some other creative video type; it's a vlog. I don't believe I have a solidified vlogging style so perhaps I've just changed over time in how I approach vlogging. Sometimes it's to convey information, other times it's to be random and silly with little to no format, and other times it to present an opinion.  Below are a few different vlogs I've done in the past.  Let me know in the comments if you think I do indeed have a style, or if one of the videos stands out for whatever reason.

Last Four Nails

Well, my idea to do my nails every week has failed. However I am destroying my cuticles less whenever I have them painted. These four are a bit fancier than the previous four and a bit more ambitious like the first four. I've done one with an accent nail, full sparkles, a basic and subtle ombre, and some leopard spots via Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers. Those nail stickers last forever so I'm not sure when I'll need to do my nails again. If you would like to see them on Instagram before I post them here, be sure to follow me @MagicCatJenny

Found Favorites #8

This felt brooch is so cute! I've been meaning to try and make brooches myself someday, these might have just inspired me!
(via. TheDustyAtticShop)

This is so great! CATS is my favorite musical and I'd love to proudly wear that love around my neck!
(via. AlexandraAndCo)

 This is a necklace I would have worn every day if I owned it in junior high. That's was the height of my Sailor Moon obsession. Honestly, I'd wear it all the time if I owned it now!
(via. FantastiquePlastique)

These envelopes are so beautiful. Something like this would be great for my 100 Letters or IGGPPC projects!
(via. TravelOn)
 What a cute little crochet bow necklace! I really love the packaging as well.
(via. TheWanderingDeer)

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Tour Victoria

Tour Victoria

Tour Victoria (not sure which tour...sorry) done in February 2007.  I remember my roommate and her friends coming home as I was doing this and it being quite a funny experience. They got me egg-rolls though, it was a good evening.

Tour Victoria  Tour Victoria Tour Victoria Tour Victoria Tour Victoria Tour Victoria

Tuber Tuesday: VEDA

Some of you may not know this, but in addition to my main YouTube channel, I occasionally post less polished videos on a second YouTube channel. I have no schedule there and it has far less subscribers, but that's to be expected. This month, however, is VEDA. VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in April. Many YouTubers take part in this month long challenge and I am one of them. This year has been filled with lots of iPhone videos of my day, it's been quite an experience. This is the third year in a row I've done VEDA, I'll share with you the playlists and the first vlog of this month.

100 Letters Update!

It's been a long time since I started the 100 Letters project and it has evolved quite a lot in that time. I am no longer using a separate blog to post updates and will continue that here.  I've stopped writing YouTube response video challenges on the back, however I do still accept video responses to the 100 Letters video.  The following pictures are from the last three letters I sent.



It's my Birthday!

I'm 27 today! I don't feel 27, I feel maybe 17. I have amazing friends who are going out with me tonight to a bar called The Edison. Then, this weekend, The Long Holidays are playing a show in my honor and all of my friends are coming out. 26 was an okay year but I can tell that 27 is going to be better. Thanks so much for following my blog, I love all of your comments! Oh and if you were wondering, yes I ate cake for breakfast today. ;)

My Birthday Wish List!

It's my birthday this Wednesday, April 17! So I thought I'd make a little list (a bit like my Found Favorites lists) of some things I've been eying. (I don't expect to get everything so this is also a reminder for me to save more money so I can treat my self soon!) Happy early birthday to me!

These Middle Earth leggings are just so wonderfully dorky and so me! I wish they were not so expensive or I would probably have bought them by now.
(via. Black Milk)

I really really want this camera bag purse! It's so cute and I'd love to have a more casual camera bag purse than the fancy black one I already have.
(via. JoTotes)

The camera nerd that I am really needs this SD card holder. Currently my SD cards live in a plastic bag.
(via. Amazon)

That's all I'm going to list. Those three are the only things on my list I have not yet received that are not $400+ camera lenses. (And lets be honest, no one's buying me those...) So, future Jenny; resist the temptation of Starbucks, avoid the call of the stationary section of Target, and don't even walk into the used DVD area of Blockbuster.  Also, cook more. 

Found Favorites #7

I can't make up my mind which one of these skirts is my favorite. Firefly or Sailor Moon! Also, the Sailor Moon one also comes in black, ahhh choice anxiety!
(via. GoFollowRabbits)

 I would love all of the surprises in this Slumber Party Nostalgia Kit, so creative!
(via. Sweet and Lovely)

I adore this dress so much, I love the cut and the color. It's perfect for spring!
(via. Free Bambi)

Bacon flavored things have always puzzled me. I saw a review of this lip balm on YouTube and apparently it smells good...I kinda want to try it.
(via. HipHopCandy)

Moscow Rumpleteazer

Moscow Rumpleteazer 

This Rumpleteazer makeup was done in February 2007 and unfortunately I do not have any great photos cause my camera was not working that day. This photo is from my phone and doesn't really capture it well enough...  The make-up is from a generic Halloween cream tube and eyeliner.

Moscow Rumpleteazer Moscow Rumpleteazer Moscow Rumpleteazer Moscow Rumpleteazer Moscow Rumpleteazer

Giveaway at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club!

The lovely ladies over at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club are currently is hosting a giveaway for me. You could win your choice of a Hogwarts House Nerdy Monster!  The giveaway ends on April 15th and all you need to know about how to enter is on their Facebook.


Tuber Tuesday: VidCon 2011

Attending VidCon in 2011 was a big deal to me.  I had recently re-discovered the community and started vlogging myself. I went with the goal of finding a career in online media and film, or at least make some connections.  Because of my serious reasons I shelled out the extra bucks and got an Industry Day pass. I got an entire day to learn about the industry before all of the normal fan based fun started. Some of the people I met during that day and the days to follow have remained some of my best YouTube friends. I'm sad I missed the first ever VidCon in 2010, but my first VidCon was really an experience I'll never forget.  The following are two videos I put together from that weekend.

Photo an Hour >> March 29th

I've really waited till the last minute with this project so far every month.  In March I took it to the limit.  I ran out of weekends and had to take photos on a week day. That being said, be prepared for lots of photos of my desk... I did do things after work, but for April...I'm defiantly picking a weekend day again, ha!

Past Photo an Hour:

8am >> Debating on these snow boots with these leggings. Went with the leggings but not the boots.

9am >> At work, coffee time.

10am >> The left side of my desk: business cards, candle, photo of Jim and I at Comic Con, and a pom pom monster.

11am >> I have a standing desk that I can also sit at. It's really nice. 

12pm >> Sushi truck came today! My favorite.

1pm >> These are the shoes I went with.  I forgot I had these antler socks, I love them!

2pm >> Self portrait.

3pm >> My Belle collection: phone case, ID lanyard charm, and my USB keychain.

4pm >> The little hand painted box I use to store all the excess cords on my desk.

5pm >> Time to go home! Here's the view of my office building from my parking spot. It's a big building.

6pm >> At home! The beautiful flowers Jim surprised me with the other day, he's so sweet.

7pm >> Jim;s home! He was snot in the mood for pictures so here's his bike.

8pm >> John picked the two of us up to meet our friend Stacy for dinner.

9pm >> Dinner at Susan Feniger's STREET. I'd never been there before.

10pm >> The kale asparagus. Oh my, being healthy has never tasted so good!

After that, Jim and I went home and then to bed. It was a good day!