Jemima (Cats) - Halloween 2002


I made this Jemima costume from Halloween 2002. The unitard is painted with acyclic paint and the shoulder fluffies are fake fur. The wig is an altered and painted 'Rubies Cat Hood'. It was fun to wear back in High School but looking back I would have used different materials. I've worn her since then, to see Cats in 2008...but she's so old I retired her after that experience. (I occasionally wear her for video projects but I really need to re-do her if I want to wear her out again).


The photos are from Halloween, at school and after. (I was a Junior in High School) My friend April dressed as a Cats character as well (Etcetera).  That night a big group of us went trick-or-treating. (Yes...we still went trick-or-treating at age 16...)

The day before, April and I helped out the Junior High dance by selling popcorn. I dressed as half-Jemima and April dressed as half-Mistoffelees.

Here is an in-progress shot of my friend Caitlin helping me paint Jemima, just days before Halloween(!) themakingof

More Photos!
AcatAndAnewsie2 Gandalf!! JJE1 JenJem2 JenJemMOEkittyAmyCJ hisss MOEkitty2 JenJem4 TheGang1 coolpic bigspider Afertdance Partypic1 Partypic2 strangeone
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Elle Falconer said...

Those costumes and makeup is amazing! I love it! As one of my followers I'm tagging you in the Leibstar Blog Awards! I hope you'll take part, here's all the info if you're interested

Angel said...

What an awesome costume! Omg.

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Oh wow, thank you! I'll look into the Leibstar Blog Awards for sure!

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks! =)