Found Favorites #1

Could it be? Could I really have posted Monday through Friday without missing a day? With a full time job and twenty million hobbies, consistent posting on this blog has been hard to achieve.  However I will start to make it more of a priority on my list of hobbies.  Friday seems to be the found/favorite day for most blog I read.  I guess it's time to drink the kool-aid and start: Found Favorites! So here you are, five things I found that I really dig. Enjoy.

I'm so tempted to get this beautiful vintage dress. (The model is Mary Kate Wiles, one of my new favorite actresses!)

Speaking of Wiles, I adore this mug based on a quote from the webshow The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which she is in.
(via. DFTBA)

We're headed that way, so lets just make this an official YouTube themed collection. This embroidery is perfect for any YouTuber. (It's made by YouTuber elmify)
(via. Cutethingslivehere)
 A must have for any vlogger is a cute but sturdy camera strap.  I love the design and color combo on this one.
(via. SweetStrapExpress)
Back to dresses, this dress was actually worn in an episode of TLBD by the character Jane.
(via. ModCloth)
I hope you enjoyed the first of many Found Favorites.  I'm not sure if all will have themes or just be random things I like.  Feel free to send me any things you think I should feature here and if I like them, I just might!

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Kotryna Bass said...

wow that dress is probably the most beautiful I've seen in my entire life!!!

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Which dress? They are both gorgeous!