2013 Goals

I don't like making New Years resolutions, they always end up too vague and not very helpful.  So I have devised a sort of bucket list, if you will, for 2013.  It contains all the things I want to do this year.  It's only sort of like a list of goals also like a bit like a checklist.  I can not predict the future so I am treating this year as if I was moving to somewhere like Sweden in 2014. (I'm not...although that would be pretty cool.)  Oh and look, a photograph of the physical list.  How cliche. ;)

1. Take a boat ride with Jim.  
It was my Christmas present from him. I can't wait to plan the trip!

2. See Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart, dressed up.
 I've seen it performed live multiple times and I have the film memorized, I've just never seen it in a movie theater with a shadow cast before.  Virgin!

3. Eat at 10 new restaurants in LA.
We eat out fairly often, it's not always cost efficient but it's fun.  The thing is, we tend to get stuck mainly going to our favorites.  I love our favorites but the thing is, we live in such a diverse city.  I want to try more new things.

4. Visit the LACMA.
Never been...

5. Visit the MOCA.
Again, never been... I'm such a bad LA native.

6. Go on a date with Jim to the Griffith Observatory.
I've been there before but never with Jim.  I thought it'd be such a romantic date place.  Stars and science.

7. Re-start 'The Jemima Project'.
Oh boy, I'm kinda scared to be adding this one. 'The Jemima Project' is something I tried over a year ago to do.  I was going to make a new costume from the musical Cats (my last one I made was when I was 16, I'll write about it soon.) I just ran out of time, money, and desire.  I still have half of the supplies though and I don't want to completely give up just yet.

8. Sell something in my Etsy store or another online selling platform.  
I wanted to have this goal met before the new year but I still have not sold anything at my store.  I have a few ideas for new things to make so maybe some more variety in what I sell this year will help.  Also, it could be that Etsy is just not the right platform for me.  I'll try and see if other platforms work better.

9. Be more present in the blogging community & gain more GFC and BlogLovin followers.
As I'm writing this, I only have 32 GFC & 3 BL.  It's not much.  However, I have a larger presence in the YouTube community.  I'd love it if my viewers became readers.  Regardless, I'd like to blog more and become part of the blogging world more.

10. Take a photo an hour once a month.
One of my favorite bloggers, The Dainty Squid, does this.  I want to try it.  I was also thinking about doing a 360 project but I'll get into that failed past later.

11. Finish the first book in my 'The London Jellicles' series.
When I was 14 I wrote an epic Cats fan fiction.  Yes, I was a geek... (Ok, I'm still a geek.)  My co-creator and good friend, Julie, still shares the passion for our story like I do.  For some reason I won't let the story die. The problem is, we planned over 25 books with 12 chapters each.  It's a lot of work for a fan fiction but it brings us joy so I'd like to complete some aspect of it.

12. Read 25 books, 10 new to me.
Read more about this project soon.

13 . Go to Japan.
Saving the least likely for last.  This one probably won't happen due to money, but I'm putting it here hopefully.  My sister will be there for work and I'd LOVE to visit her like I did when she was in France for work.


Friso1990 said...

So cool to do!!! :D I hope you get all of it done this year.

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks! Met too!