Cats 2000

The Cast 1
It started after I saw the video production of Cats in 1998 on PBS. I fell in love and wanted to put on my own show. All throughout 7th grade I kept it in my head. I made a group of great friends who were all Sailor Moon fans (I was as well, that's why we got along so well at first.) I showed them Cats and they fell in love. That started our fandom. I told them my idea in about 8th grade and they were into it. We started a cast list, asking our friends who they wanted to be and such. Once the first rehearsal came around we realized more than half the people who signed up were not serous or would not be able to make it. We narrowed our cast down to the essentials (or what we at the time thought were). We wound up with 14 girls. We learned the dances (or what we could manage...none of us being 'great' dancers) by watching the video in a mirror and copying. After months of rehearsals in my garage, and cutting lots of songs from the second act, we were ready. All costumes, set, stage, props, etc. were made a week before our single performance. Our 'set' (build out of PVC pipes and fabric) was too large to fit on stage so we were on the floor and our audience was on the stage. It was a lot for a group of 14-year-olds (and under) to pull we were quite proud. In regards to if I will ever put the video online...(that only caught half the stage...) well...I'm just not sure if it will ever get there...but who knows...
Missy as Munkustrap, Mandie as Grizabella, Leigh as Bombalurina, April as Etcetera, Michelle as Jellylorum, Taylor as Old Deuteronomy/Bustopher Jones, Caitlin W. as Rumpelteazer, Marie as Mungojerry, Amy (my little sister) as Demeter, myself as Mistoffelees/Jemima, Julie as Alonzo, Rachel as Rum Tum Tugger, Caitlin M. as Victoria, and MOEKitty as Jennyanydots
Click the photos below to be taken to the full set!  Cats 2000 (by Magic World Productions)

Tuber Tuesday: JelliclesVlog

There is a trend on YouTube called, collab channels.  They are channels that a certain number of people share together. Each has a day that they post and sometimes themes and challenges are done.  I was part of a collab channel like that a few years ago, JelliclesVlog.  I was Monday and we did it for 13 total months.  I had a blast! After the channel was done I put together a video with clips from all of my JV videos. The result was amazing to see, an entire year of my life in Monday videos.  I hope you enjoy it even half as much as me!

Thanks for watching!

Mr. Mistoffelees (Cats) - Performance

Mr. Mistoffelees Backstage 

Here is the Mr. Mistoffelees costume I made for my 2000 production of Cats. He's made out of a velvet unitard and fake fur, the warmers are big tube socks and fabric markers, and the wig is an altered 'Rubies Cat Hood'. This was the first Cats costume I've ever made, although I helped out with all the other costumes in our fan production.

Grizabella and Misto before the show!
Grizabella and Mistoffelees Backstage

Huh? Camera? Where?
Caught Unaware

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Photo an hour >> January 21st

A few of my favorite blogs do a 'photo an hour' project where one day of each month they take a photo every hour.  It's one of my 2013 Goals to try this out.  So here is my first installation from this past Monday. It was a holiday so I had no work, also I should mention that my cousin, Kavita, has been staying with me for the past week.  She is from Sweden and is going to be in California for the next 6 months!

9am >> Breakfast time, cereal and cartoons.
10am >> Ready for a day of adventure!

11am >> Santa Monica Beach.  It was so sunny, hard not to go to the beach!

12pm >> Still at the beach. Kavita's future roomie, Angelica, joined us.

1pm >> Visiting the future apartment of Kavita, Angelica, and Anna. (all Swedish!)

2pm >>  Urth Caffe. A favorite stop of mine for coffee and lunch in Santa Monica.

3pm >> Just leaving the caffe. The girls were talking about apartment plans.

4pm >> A quick stop at the mall to use some coupons.  New pants!

5pm >> Food shopping! Trader Joe's is the best.

6pm >> Getting ready to shoot a video together.

7pm >>Tortellini, salad, and a glass of wine for dinner.

8pm >> Chocolate ice cream and strawberry mochi for desert. Yup!

9pm >> Painting nails and watching Scott Pilgrim.

After we finished the movie we got ready for bed.  Kavita had a nice set up on my living room couch and I stayed up a bit reading The Hobbit in my room.  I think this project is going to be great, I can't wait to pick a day next month!


Tuber Tuesday: Flipbook Jemima

I was going to post yesterday but my cousin is in town from Sweden so we had an adventure which I'll talk more about on Thursday. It's been a while since I did a Tuber Tuesday so here you go! It's been almost a year since I made the following video.  It characterizes most of the videos on my channel: a big mash of things that make me me.  I start off with a CATS makeup stop motion ...thing  and end talking about my 25 Book Challenge from last year.  (A challenge I'm revisiting this year!)

Last Four Nails

I'm not going to pretend I have perfect nails. In fact, that's why I paint them. They're awful. I bite them and I pick at the cuticles. It's bad. However, if I paint my nails and wear rings I tend to do those self destructive things less. Nail polish tastes bad and playing with my rings keeps my fingers from picking.  I'm learning to paint them better as well, but I am still quite the nail polish novice. I'm trying to take a photo each time I re-paint them and post it to Instagram, which I'd like to do once a week.  That won't always happen, so instead of a weekly nail or a monthly four, I'm going to share with you my last four nail designs.

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DIY: Present Wrapping

Here's a fun DIY idea for wrapping a small present.  Make your own box! It was my boyfriend's younger sister's birthday in December and I got her some nerdy earrings.  I wanted to give them to her in a small jewelery box but I did not have any on hand, so I decided to make my own.

I cut out two corners of a beer case. (Other things you can do with random cardboard found around the house including beer cases!)
Then I glued wrapping paper to both corners.
I wrapped the earrings inside of some tissue paper and placed them inside the two halves.
Then I taped the halves together and tied a bow around it.

It's not a perfect square but I like the quirky DIY feel the imperfections have on the present.

Here's the earrings that were inside!  They are Mocking Jay's from The Hunger Games.  I bought them from AmberlilyWands

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Raye Hino (Sailor Moon) – Halloween 2000

Raye Hino

 Raye Hino, aka Sailor Mars, was probably my first ever cosplay. (unless you count dressing up a Sailor Moon in the 6th grade in a costume my mom made me from a pattern…) I dressed as her for Halloween in 2000 (my first year of High School).  The only thing that I made rather than found was the collar.  That I made using a revised pattern from that old Sailor Moon costume actually.  I also sewed the buttons on the shirt.  I used temporary black tinted hair spray to complete the look. Clearly, this was before I discovered the wonder of a good wig.

I think I'm going to start posting about my past cosplay/costumes here.  I am transitioning from having a costume website and a blog to just this blog.  There will soon be a costume page with links to posts about each costume.

Thanks for reading! 

A Year in Photos

I've noticed that lately I don't post all the photos I take to Facebook or anywhere online really.  I think I could use a big post so I can see everything I've done last year. (Also to force myself to take more photos this year!)  I guess this is another step into the 'lifestyle' blog world.  Anyways, here are some (certainly not all) of the things I did last year that I did not blog about.

I said goodbye to the collab channel, JelliclesVlog, I was a part of for one whole year.

 Went to The Fault in our Stars Tour and met John and Hank Green.

Traveled to the 60s as I acted in an Oak Street Blues music video.

Had a going away party for a good friend who moved to the other side of the country.

Went to Mammoth with Jim and his family for Saint Patrick's day. I didn't ski, I mostly hung out with his sisters and cousin.

I got one year older. (The cake didn't look great but it sure tasted great!)

I attended the Western Cup Quidditch Tournament.

I helped The Long Holidays with their first band photoshoot.

I attended VidCon for the second time.

Said goodbye to my childhood treehouse that my father build. It had termites so it had to final get torn down. :(

Attended Comic Con again with out actually 'attending' Comic Con.

Celebrated the one year anniversary of monthly CalNerdCon (Youtube/Nerdfighters) gatherings.

Here are photos from must but not all of The Long Holidays live shows I went to last year.