The First Christmas Monsters

Monday, December 10, 2012

I started making Nerdy Monsters a year ago.  The first few were given away as Christmas gifts to some lovely people.  Specs went to my cousin Katie and my boyfriend's younger sister, Julianne.  Wiz Kid went to my boyfriend's other younger sister, Alley and my Danish friend, Kristine for the CCDB Secret Santa.

The poem attached was written my my dad and is given to anyone who purchases a Nerdy Monster on Etsy along with the name of their monster.  This year I am giving away a few monsters as Secret Santa Christmas gifts. (and one Birthday present) I doubt the recipients of those gifts read this blog so I will let you know the types of monsters I am currently making for them.  Jellicle, Godric, Vloggy, and a new monster that is yet to be revealed. 

What are some crafts you're making for Christmas gifts? Let me know and link me to blog posts! I love seeing creative gift giving. 



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