Bento Box 2

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Here is the second ever bento box I've made.  I recently found this photo on my phone, I'm guessing its months old.  I have not made a bento box in forever!  I really should try it again soon.

The larger half (bottom) contains leftover rice and a quick vegetable stir-fry I made that morning.  It's just beansprouts, spnich, and mushrooms cooked with a tiny bit of oil.  The smaller half (top) has an egg tamagoyaki (a bento box recipe found on JustBento), leftover chicken (from what I can tell, I honestly don't remember), and a small piece of cake.

It's only slightly different than the first bento box I made.  I think the addition of rice was what made it a bit more filling.  I think next time I might need to dedicate one entire half to rice.

Do you have a bento box? What is your favorite bento box recipe?


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